Get ready.

Mindful Hearts Classroom is opening soon!

Are you overwhelmed by the number of social and emotional challenges your students face? 

Are you unsure of what social-emotional skills to teach and how to make a positive change?

MHC is a social-emotional learning framework to help K-3 educators confidently cultivate a kind, positive, and more productive classroom community.

Learn more about this online course for primary teachers and be notified when enrolment opens. 

Meet Elyse.

The founder of Proud to be Primary, Elyse dedicates herself to providing primary educators with inspirational ideas and comprehensive resources that make teaching enjoyable.

Elyse takes her seventeen combined years of teaching experience in the classroom and as a curriculum developer to support teachers who want to teach at their best and make learning fun for kids.

Join Elyse as she walks you through her tried and true strategies for making a positive impact in the classroom and gets you ready to take action in the best ways possible.